Taxisaver has many years experience transporting visiting skiers and local skiers to and from the picturesque ski resorts in the north of Scotland. From our base in Inverness we can pick up parties of up to 7 people per vehicle (with luggage) to the resort of your choice – Nevis range, Glencoe, Glenshee, Cairngorms and the Lecht.

We can transport you and your equipment in spacious comfort, whether you are holidaying in the Highlands or you are a local skier. Taxisaver can provide your transport requirements, picking you up from anywhere in Scotland, including, airports, bus stations, railway stations, hotels or living accommodations. If you are local, we can pick you up from your home.

From Inverness, heading south we can take in the Cairngorms, approximately a 45 minute drive from Inverness city centre. We arrive in Aviemore Ski Village, which hosts some of the best ski and mountaineering shops in Scotland, along with many restaurants, hotels and bars to choose from. A further 15 minute drive to the base of the beautiful Cairngorms and the UK’s favourite ski resort.

From Inverness, heading South West, we can take in the splendid Nevis Range, approximately 90 minute drive from Inverness city centre, Travelling along the banks of the world famous Loch Ness. We arrive in Fort William, lying at the foot of the Nevis Range, it hosts many ski and mountaineering shops, alongside many great restaurants, accommodation and bars.

From Inverness, heading South East, we can take in the resort of the Lecht, approximately 2 hours drive from Inverness city centre. Centrally situated, the Lecht is easily accessible from Inverness, Elgin, Aviemore, Aberdeen, Perth and most of the rest of Scotland. Ski-shops, restaurants, bars and accommodation is plentiful from these surrounding cities and towns.

From Inverness, heading South East we can take in Glenshee ski resort approximately 2 hours drive from Inverness city centre. Glenshee also offers centrally based skiing easily accessible from Inverness, Aviemore, Perth, Elgin and Aberdeen. Ski-shops, alongside restaurants, accommodation and bars are plentiful from the surrounding towns and cities.

From Inverness, heading South West, we can take in the Glencoe ski resort, approximately 2.5 hours drive from Inverness city centre. Travelling through stunning scenery and one of the most visited areas of Scotland, Glencoe hosts the longest and steepest ski runs in Scotland. Glencoe is easily accessible from many major cities and towns, including, Inverness, Perth, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Dundee. Local camping, restaurants, accommodation and ski-shops are abundant.

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